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Brides Guide

A Note From Us....

To keep our dresses in excellent condition, we would be grateful if you could keep make up & fake tan to a minimum for your appointment, we know you’ll look radiant anyway with the delight of finding our choice of stunning gowns!

At Your Appointment?

Not many of us are happy with our body; we know it can feel awkward being fitted by someone you’ve only just met. With this in mind, we suggest if you’re looking for a full skirted design then keep a pair of leggings on for your initial appointment. As for underwear, if you think you may like a strapless style, try and wear a strapless bra as it will give you a much clearer first impression of the gown

Family & Friends

Choosing your dress should be a special occasion and it’s only natural you want to share it. Your friends and family will have very different ideas of what you should be wearing; it can get quite stressful and confusing. Keeping your party to one or two trusted confidants means not only space to think for yourself… But more people to wow on the Big Day!


Can’t live without stilettos or can barely balance in a ballet pump, bring along some shoes of a similar height to those you want for your wedding – not only for getting the length of the gown right, but your posture alters which can make or break the look!